Systems engineering and software development

The new information technologies, including firstly hypertexts, expert systems and probabilistic/logical models that have been applied for many years now by Tecsa S.r.l. in relation to safety have allowed the development of specific cutting-edge systems for fire safety engineering, environmental engineering and industrial risk analysis.

The computer core activity of Tecsa S.r.l. today focuses on several aspects:

  • Software tools for the analysis of safety and reliability developed specifically for certain issues or investigations;
  • The customisation of existing computational codes;
  • The development of computerised emergency plans for individual companies or for the territory through hypertext, multimedia, virtual reality and internet/Intranet technologies;
  • The development of web-based documentation with regard to the provision of pro information documentation and the training of workers;
  • The development of information systems for the management of work permits;
  • The development of multimedia operating, production multimedia and safety manuals;
  • The development of computerised handouts and learning management systems;
  • the development of simulations of decision support dynamics and of complex decision models;
  • The development of simulated processes, production activities and systems;
  • The development of advanced software tools for managing and monitoring workplace health and safety to support the definition of KPIs and the systems that supply data to the warehousing and analysis motor;
  • The development of software and information systems tools to support health and safety management systems and workflows;
  • Corporate knowledge management systems;
  • audit of the procedural body and analysis of algorithms to support the human reliability assessment (HRA);

Geographic information systems based on GIS technologies (the Tecsa S.r.l. experts work indifferently with Autodesk and Esri tools) for representation of the results of risk analysis, to view the town and territorial planning, for the management of emergencies with specially developed simplified tools etc.

The advisory activities are often supported by the systems division in order to maximise implementation times and to produce quality documentation. Particularly in the context of complex projects innovative authoring tools are often used for the management of a set of information, for easy updating of the same and for the production of documentation, both traditional (offline) and online (hypertext), using a single source publishing approach. “This allows the provision to the customer not only of the classic document but also of an easily searchable version that can be distributed and is interactive (beyond the traditional PDF).

These techniques are especially useful in all those cases in which documents need to be kept over time and especially in terms of content, graphical layout and when the same information must be made available in a different form. These cases include the operating manuals of machines and plants, the dossier of the machines, the internal emergency plans, procedures, and operating instructions, etc.  In this context, in order to optimise its workflows, TECSA S.r.l. is finalising a tool that is appropriate for document production for the documentation required by Legislative Decree. 105/2015 (Seveso III).

This tool will help manage the set of information through a preliminary division into atomic units then achieving document production through a) the linking of content; b) the automatic production of a part of the documentation using specially developed analytical tools including 1) index methods (including the Na-Tech scenarios evaluation package), 2) LOPA method for determining the degree of resilience of the fire protection strategy compared to incidental scenarios identified such as Top Event, 3) the tool for linking historical analysis, the operational analysis of the  plant itself (including near misses) and analysis of management factors referring to in the safety management system to prevent major accidents.

The TECSA S.r.l. consultancy activities with particular reference to those that are intensely computational (virtual and augmented reality, 3D rendering, advanced simulation, etc.) benefit from the partnership that the company has established with Dell Inc. of which it is a Premier Partner and that ensures the possibility but also the resale of IT technologies that are always up to date and particularly efficient on which are also often distributed the software solutions of TECSA S.r.l. to its own customers (i.e. client and server to run computer codes, e-learning platforms, etc.).