The "Safety" Dashboard" for HSE Managers

HSE-D© is a software platform that was released in 2015 by Tecsa S.r.l. and entirely designed by specialists of the “Operational Excellence” Division to provide to the senior management of an establishment continually updated measurement of performance in the areas of:

  • process security;
  • alarm management;
  • change and maintenance management;
  • functional safety management;
  • security;
  • information/training and instruction.

The platform is implemented through a series of audits that focus on the aspects intended to be monitored and from a definition of the KPIs. Definition of the KPIs takes place considering what is already in place and subject to regular review and is only validated after an extensive testing campaign that also includes the use of “business intelligence” tools for automatic detection of trends from data acquired over time which can also be drawn directly from the “plant information system” and from the DCS.

The Digital dashboard consists of a first layer of interconnected and balanced scorecards and of a second layer of measuring objects located on a dashboard, which can be modified according to requirement Through a commercial editor, the user can not only view the two informational tools made available but can directly modify their own dashboard as well as the reporting, resulting in the creation of personalised views by directly tapping into “raw” data and by querying it through analytical tools available.