In its many years of operations, Tecsa S.r.l. has combined the consulting activities in the field of safety and the environment with services focussed on information, education and training through specific specialised programmes, organised on different levels of complexity.

It was thus possible to cover the whole field of possible training and educational needs for industrial risk analysts, for Health and Safety Officers, for operators of processing plants and fire emergency service workers, maintenance workers, company fire fighters, emergency workers and first aiders and for environmental emergency workers.

Practical training regarding fire tests, the use of personal protective equipment, takes place in adequately equipped testing fields.

Also in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Seveso III Directive (Legislative Decree 105/2015) Tecsa S.r.l. is available to supervise the activities of experimentation of the internal emergency plan in relation to the Top Events identified in order to review corporate performance from a perspective of dealing with a possible emergency.

Tecsa S.r.l. benefits from a specific international partnership with a leading company in the market to provide emergency preparedness training services supported by dynamic simulation with immersive virtual reality tools. Simulations can be the subject of debriefing and study and can be installed in the form of interactive videos in E-Learning training systems (e.g. SicurPoint©).