Forensic analysis for technical consultancy request by the Court in the context of criminal proceedings

2021 / Forensic engineering / Forensic engineering

Technical consultancy in the context of a criminal proceeding with death following a fire in a private home. Following an assignment by the competent Court, the peculiarity of the places concerned and the level of damage observed, required the accurate photographic survey of the environments under investigation in order to document the evidence found and the complete survey of the geometry of the places using LiDAR instrumentation, obtaining the point cloud mapping.

The acquired data allowed the definition of the geometric model for the rooms and the development of advanced calculations in order to define the dynamics of the event, in accordance with the principles of the international standard NFPA 921.

With the help of the calculation results, the visibility of the flames from a particular location outside the apartment was investigated.

The results of the investigation activities conducted were argued in the technical documentation delivered to the Authorities Having Jurisdiction and presented directly during the courtroom hearing.

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