Oil & Gas

The “Oil and Gas” world is, historically, the target market for the activities of TECSA S.r.l. and the sphere from which many senior consultants of the company come as well as external experts for highly specialist services. TECSA S.r.l. has an extremely important customer base in Italy consisting of the major oil companies that operate both in the market share called “Exploration & Production” and in that called “Refining and Marketing” respectively with onshore/offshore sites and refining, storage, distribution and sale installations. The same activities have been carried out successfully for several years abroad (both in Europe and in emerging markets) , supporting both the revamping of existing sites and offshore installations and  assisting with the creation of new production sites. The latter activity is carried out through the development of urban planning studies, feasibility study, verification of preliminary layout, PHA, etc.


With regard to offshore structures, the FPSO vessels and marine terminals, TECSA S.r.l., strengthening its position in 2015 with framework contracts with leading engineering companies of these sectors both in Italy and abroad, specialises in providing a range of specialist services including:

  • Dropped Objects Analysis;
  • FERA;
  • QRA (2D, 3D);
  • Fire & Gas Mapping (2d, 3D);
  • ATEX;
  • Explosion risk area classification.


In that context, TECSA S.r.l. is recognised as being a skilled, fast and reliable partner for the performance of studies of HSE, major hazards (Seveso III), internal and external emergency planning and fire prevention in addition to, where appropriate, being a reference point for specialist issues relating to studies of reliability and availability, environmental impact, the investigation of incidents, accidents and near-accidents, forensic engineering and functional safety.


The key activities include:

  • the development of corporate standards;
  • conducting HSE audits and process safety audits;
  • developing incidental hypotheses and estimates of the associated frequency of occurrence;
  • the estimation of consequent effects and recomposition of the risk area;
  • verification of the territorial compatibility
  • fire engineering activities;
  • advisory activities concerning health and safety at work;
  • strategic consultancy.


Experience and references gained over three decades of constant support have resulted in the expansion of activities to all the process industries (with particular reference to the companies subject to the provisions laid down in the Seveso Directives I, II and III), to the energy industry, to the mining sector, to the pharmaceutical one and, more recently, to the “automotive” and food sectors, always at the service of national, European and international companies.


In recent years, TECSA S.r.l., through certified professionals, started offering consultancy services in the field of security of oil and gas installations. These activities consist of audits, inspections and assessments in line with internationally recognised standards including those of the Center for Chemical Process Safety of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and the Department of Homeland Security of the United States.