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Carlo Fiorentini


From founder to present day

Tecsa S.r.l. was founded in 1979 by Carlo Fiorentini.

The founder, a nationally and internationally recognised fire expert, as well as the owner of patents of innovative fire-fighting equipment, successful set up, starting from a small group of specialists in the field of engineering and fire engineering, a reputable and valued consulting company that operates 360° in the world of fire safety and the process industry. This has all taken place without neglecting the human value of all the professional relationships both within the company and outside it with co-workers and clients.

Since 1997, the year of the untimely death of the founder of Tecsa, the 3ASI Association (Associazione Analisti Affidabilità e Sicurezza [Italian Reliability and Risk Analysis Association]) that he had helped found, has dedicated a scholarship in memory “of his efforts in addressing environmental and system safety issues”.

The image of Tecsa has always been that defined from the outset by its founder, i.e. that of an enterprise that is constantly evolving and being updated, connected with similar national, European and international reference organisations, ensuring a mutual exchange of know-how in order to always ensure a very high quality service to its clients and to offer flexibility to market requirements, including in relation to increasingly precise regulatory requirements.

The motto which identifies the key features of the service, reported on business records since the year of foundation, is a well-known phrase of Sallust taken from his work “De coniuratione Catilinae”:

“Priusquam incipias consulto, ubi consulueris, mature facto opus est” or “before starting a business, reflect; then act promptly”.

The HSE consultancy service cannot in fact be improvised and requires preparation. The timing of service delivery, particularly with respect to deadlines established by the regulatory bodies of reference, to operations as a result of actual near-accidents and incidents, to the challenging timing of important plant evolution projects which are essential milestones of the customer, can only be respected by a well organised company, with recognised abilities and dedicated personnel.

Since 2015, the Executive Director of Tecsa S.r.l. has been Luca Fiorentini.

He works within the company as an analyst of major accident risk, of safety in the process industry and as a fire engineering expert. An expert in advanced numerical simulation and thermo-fluid dynamics with CFD and FEM tools, he is the author of numerous scientific publications and a senior member of international professional associations including NFPA, SFPE, FPA, IAFSS, AIChE, NAFI, IAAI and ESRA. For NFPA since 2007 he has been a member of the “Fire risk assessment methods” technical committee, responsible for the 550 and 551 standards and since 2015 a member of the “Fire reporting” technical committee, responsible for the 901 standard “Standard classification of incident reporting and fire protection data”. He offers technical consultancy for prosecutors and judges and since 2008 he has been collaborating with the EPC Publisher – eADE to draft technical monographs, technical articles and volumes.

In 2013, together with L. Marmo and E. Danzi (Turin Polytechnic), he developed a methodology for assessing the risk of fire for occupants and property, called F.L.A.M.E. (“Fire Risk Level Assessment Method for Enterprises”). He is a reviewer for a number of international journals (“Journal of loss prevention in the process industries”, “Safety science”, “Journal of Hazardous Materials”, “Fire Technology”, etc.) and is also a member of the editorial board of the journal “Fire Protection Engineering Magazine”, an official member of SFPE and of the journal “International Journal of Forensic Engineering”, published by Inderscience. In the field of forensic engineering, he is also a “professional” member of the prestigious Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (UK).

The company is currently in a phase of major expansion and significant reorganisation to ensure greater flexibility and timeliness, a stronger presence in Italy and throughout Europe, closer cooperation with international specialist companies and a more structured exchange with universities and the world of research. In particular, recent years have identified a number of new areas of business that, with the support of customers, have determined the need for a significant increase of the company’s resources, including the introduction of recognised technicians at European level, the development of new divisions, the forging of European partnerships with leading companies in the area of competence and the identification of new locations in Italy and abroad.

2015 saw the creation of two specific corporate divisions: the “Operational Excellence” division for advisory services integrated into the process industry and the “Forensic Engineering” division for advisory services within the context of injuries and accidents at work, with particular reference to cases of fire and explosion where investigations are supported by recognised analytical methods (e.g. NFPA 921) and by advanced tools for reconstruction of the event (i.e. FEM or CFD calculation codes )

Areas of Intervention

Our Services for Companies

Industrial risk analysis

This activity started in 1982 following the adoption of Community Directive 82/501/EEC relating to the major-accident risk industries (directive ratified in Italy by Decree of the President of the Republic no. 277 and subsequent decrees of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of the Environment). Currently, in the year of entry into force […]

Fire engineering

The consultancy services in the field of safety analysis offered by Tecsa S.r.l. are designed to meet the needs of users through analysis, evaluation and proposals aimed at resolving problems of fire safety of any kind in the industrial and civil fields. These are some of the services offered: Feasibility studies and investment budget for […]

Reliability engineering

For years the risk analysis activities of TECSA S.r.l. have been supported by RAMS type studies for the investigation of issues closely connected with the systems being analysed but not limited to safety aspects Conducting RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) type studies on systems, as well as on subsystems, modules and equipment has several […]