RIR 103 – Introduction to Seveso legislation on the risks of major accidents

online course / RIR
Language: Italian

The requirements of Legislative Decree 105/2015

The course aims to provide an overview of Legislative Decree 26 June 2015, n. 105. “Implementation of Directive 2012/18 / EU relating to the control of the danger of major accidents connected with dangerous substances”. This legislation on the risks of major accidents (also known as the “Seveso Regulation”) has the purpose of subjecting industrial activities operating with certain hazardous substances to specific regulations in order to ensure the reduction of the related risk to the lowest possible and in any case acceptable levels. .

The course is an introduction to this particular discipline which concerns a minority of industrial activities, which deserve particular attention; this discipline has had a long phase of preparation and since 1982 it has then slowly developed up to the present times, reaching a degree of maturity that has led to tangible and satisfactory results in terms of correct management and control of industrial risk and its implications on the territory also with reference to urbanization planning and response to any emergencies.

The course is aimed at RSPP, ASPP, business consultants and all those who wish to approach the “Seveso Regulation” and its main requirements. These also include company technicians involved in the development of the safety analysis and in the preparation of the update of the Plant Safety Report. The course is also aimed at all experts from other disciplines (environmental and maintenance experts, experts in the development of management systems) who intend to understand the main requirements of the “Seveso” to broaden their skills and integrate the related aspects into their business with the prevention of major accidents by enhancing the logical links.


The cost is Euro 200.00 including VAT for each participant (Euro 150.00 including VAT in case of registration by October 22,  2021). The duration is 4 hours and will be held by Eng. Simone Cerri.