Forensic engineering

Analysis of faults, near-misses, incidents and accidents at work
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Tecsa S.r.l., through its specialists, provides consultancy regarding the analysis of anomalies and near-accidents. This activity is an essential element of an effective safety management system. The analyses are conducted using widely recognised reconstruction techniques (Root Cause Analysis, Bow-Tie) and supported by more traditional techniques of risk analysis to identify technical and organisational management measures in order to mitigate the probability associated with the occurrence of similar problems. Analysis of the anomaly is also supported by the acquisition of trends of any alarms in time to highlight specific triggers.

In the event of an accident at work or industrial accident Tecsa S.r.l. offers specialised technical consulting services in the field of forensic engineering, to support the identification of issues, for support in the civil and criminal proceedings area possibly implemented as CTP and also for support in investigations for insurance purposes.

The Tecsa S.r.l. specialists who are experts in forensic engineering have followed numerous cases of industrial accidents, fires and explosions, also of national importance, both in the role of  Technical Expert for One of the Parties and in the role of Expert Witness on behalf of prosecutors and judges. For many of these cases, articles in international scientific journals  are available.

Investigations are conducted using proven internationally recognised methodologies (e.g. NFPA std. no. 921) and using specialised computational codes for simulation aimed at the reconstruction of the dynamics of complex of incidental events.

These activities are managed through a specific forensic division called MFCforensic .