10 + 1 years of quality certified ISO 9001

TECSA S.r.l. operates with an ISO 9001 quality management system certified since 2004.

To date, following the renewal also in 2015 of the certification through verification of conformity by a third party, are therefore 11 years that however we want to indicate with the most correct formula “10 + 1”. This year, in fact, the renewed certification has also seen a significant series of modifications including a new, broader field of application of the certificate in line with the actual operating reality of the company that over the years, compared to the first year of certification, has seen a consolidation of a series of activities that now even more distinguish the high specialization in numerous fields.

The new field of application is therefore:

Development and provision of consulting and training services in the field of major-accident hazards, environmental analyzes, safety analysis, fire-fighting engineering and forensic engineering“.

Against the modification of the application field TECSA S.r.l. at the same time it also obtained the extension of the purpose of the certificate which now relates to the following reference codes (EA code):

  • Scope 34 “Engineering Services
  • Purpose 35 “Other services
  • Purpose 37 “Training

going to substantially expand the certification purpose that today includes all the engineering activities carried out by TECSA S.r.l. from internal disciplines and high-level training activities.

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