TECSA S.r.l. represents an ideal partner for consultancy needs in the field of security, security, dangerous goods handling, fire prevention and major risks, within the strategic infrastructures (ports, airports and railway stations).

TECSA S.r.l. is able to offer, in addition to the traditional specialist consultancy services described on this website, a complete series of services for these operational realities, which are quite peculiar, including

  • “due diligence” and “audit” for HSE and fire safety aspects;
  • implementation of corporate risk management systems (ISO 31000) and business continuity management (ISO 22301).
  • consultancy to top management for the implementation of HSE performance monitoring systems (KPI’s) also through the provision of ad-hoc information tools;
  • development of activities related to administrative procedures (also in derogation) of fire prevention;
  • fire risk assessment in order to identify intervention priorities and safety measures to guarantee performance (e.g. with specific analysis methods such as “Bow-Tie”);
  • Complexity Assessment (VACO) according to the UNI standard The standard provides each organisation with guidelines for planning, developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing a Complexity Assessment (VACO) process of its system in order to identify and classify critical issues and improve the resilience of the organisation;
  • security and cybersecurity risk assessment.


TECSA S.r.l. can boast a specific reference as regards both railway stations and industrial and oil ports, as well as those where dangerous and non-dangerous goods are handled by containers.

The company is also very active in the field of energy infrastructures specifically those related to renewable energies. Over the last five years, risk analyses have been carried out as well as analyses of the availability and reliability of electricity generation systems and energy storage systems produced by wind and photovoltaic parks in Italy and abroad. Following the fire problems that characterise photovoltaic generators, TECSA S.r.l. has also conducted both technical expert opinions for fire episodes that have actually occurred and fire risk analyses of this type of installation, leading to the publication of numerous articles on the subject, also in magazines with an international market.

As far as the logistics and transport sector is concerned, TECSA S.r.l. also supports the traditional HSE and fire-fighting consultancy services with specific activities, among which:

  • fire risk assessment and modelling of fire dynamics in tunnels, subways, tunnels;
  • the assessment of fire risk, accident dynamics and emergency exodus from complex realities affected by the presence of the general public, including passenger ships and ferries;
  • the assessment of industrial risk in the presence of handling (including road and rail) of dangerous goods;
  • the assessment of the risk of collision in port, at sea or on waterways and the determination of the consequences in terms of accident scenarios also expected for the improvement of the vessel traffic discipline;
  • the recomposition of the area risk given the transport of dangerous goods;
  • the assessment of the risk associated with the presence of underground material and energy transport networks.