Safety at work

Tecsa S.r.l.’s consulting and specialist assistance services in the field of safety and health analysis in the workplace are designed to meet the customer’s needs through analysis, evaluation and proposals aimed at solving problems of any kind in the industrial and civil field.

Since its foundation Tecsa S.r.l. has offered, besides consulting services on industrial risk analysis, process safety and advanced engineering, also assistance on health and safety at work and industrial hygiene, in order to offer a complete and absolute level of service to its customers. The activity of safety analysis has had a particular impulse with the advent of the Decree n. 626 and connected and has involved an intense and well-structured consultancy activity by Tecsa S.r.l. to all its clients. The normative body constituted by the “seiduesei” and related decrees (Ministerial Decree 10 March 1998, Legislative Decree 2/2/2002 n. 25, Presidential Decree 23/3/1998 n. 126, etc.) has provided the basis for the formulation of integrated software packages that could, on the one hand, support Tecsa S.r.l. in the coherent preparation of all the information necessary to deal with the specific regulatory requirements and, on the other hand, to provide an analysis tool to less structured consultancy companies and freelance consultants operating in the field of health and safety in the workplace or even to maintain the analysis carried out on the clients themselves over time.

Some software packages have met with market approval and have been distributed by trade associations to the extent that over the years they have had an installed base of several thousand copies, with particular reference to the computerised package for the formulation of fire risk assessment, given the company’s tradition and expertise in the field.

The consultancy now takes advantage of the regulatory body of reference constituted by T.U. 81/08 as amended and supplemented.

The Tecsa S.r.l. disciplinary sectors, each with its own senior specialists, can guarantee that each job order is managed from all points of view. The internal communication as well as the continuous comparison with the customer’s focal points allows the formulation of a complete documental product.

In addition to all this, Tecsa S.r.l. has four in-house certified specialists (reinforced by the specific regulatory body of reference Legislative Decree 494/1996, now Title IV of T.U. 81/2008).

Within this approach Tecsa S.r.l. is able to offer the following services:

  • Risk Assessment (TU 81/2008);
  • Fire Risk Assessment pursuant to Ministerial Decree 10/3/98;
  • Verification of the microclimatic and lighting conditions in the working environment by means of instrumental measurements in order to verify the respect of the parameters of law / norms and technical reference standards;
  • Simulation, by means of specific calculation codes (e.g. Dialux), of the lighting adaptations suggested for compliance with reference standards and workplace design;
  • Safety analysis for the evaluation of explosion risks and for the determination of the essential safety requirements of equipment and assemblies;
  • Classification of places with explosion hazard due to the presence of combustible gases, vapours, mists and dusts according to EC regulations;
  • Safety Analysis for the assessment of explosion or fire risks to the health and safety of workers who may be exposed;
  • Verification checklists and compliance with legal standards and regulations;
  • Preparation of Internal Emergency Plans (IEPs) in relation to the scenarios identified (e.g. by application of Hazid and Bow-Tie techniques);
  • Verification of the congruence of the emergency team in relation to the accident scenarios identified and the emergency response measures to be implemented;
  • Support in verifying the effectiveness of the EIP application through supervised emergency simulation activities;
  • Preparation of Production, Maintenance, Operational and Safety Manuals;
  • Verification and compliance with the “PED Directive” (Legislative Decree 93/2000 as amended and supplemented);
  • Formulation of the fire prevention register and equipment maintenance sheets;
  • Safety check of the machines according to the “Machinery Directive”;
  • Safety services at temporary and mobile construction sites (pursuant to Title IV of Legislative Decree 81/2008, as amended and supplemented).