The skills, experience, methodologies consolidated over time as well as the tools (e.g. calculation codes) and resources, allow TECSA S.r.l. to offer a modern and performing HSE consulting service in a multitude of cases and not limited to the services originally offered by the structure and which have led it to obtain a recognized leading role both at national level and beyond.

The use of an approach that has been consolidated over time makes it possible to meet the needs of different types of clients operating in the most varied sectors and of different sizes with timeliness and certainty of results. This is essential not only to meet traditional HSE regulatory requirements but also and above all in cases where extraordinary and specialist activities have to be carried out (from the definition of an alternative fire prevention strategy, possibly in derogation, to discussions with the authorities with jurisdiction and to forensic engineering and technical expertise following an accident, injury or significant loss).

Having said the above, thanks to the disciplines provided by TECSA S.r.l. both through its direct collaborators and through its highly specialised consultants, HSE consultancy can be effectively applied to the various sectors of intervention, including

  • onshore and offshore Oil&Gas plants, refineries, hydrocarbon deposits, thrust stations, compression stations, distribution reception points;
  • marine terminals;
  • petrochemical and chemical plants;
  • pharmaceutical companies;
  • fine chemicals companies;
  • manufacturing plants;
  • cement factories;
  • intensive warehouses (also with a high level of automation);
  • waste collection, treatment and disposal plants (including special types);
  • critical infrastructures with high resilience required (ports, airports, railway stations, poles and logistic sites, technological and energy networks, road infrastructures);
  • food companies;
  • energy production industries and renewable energy generation sites;
  • means of naval transport (passenger ships, container ships, Ro-Ro, Ro-Pax, etc.);
  • galvanic and metal treatment plants.


TECSA S.r.l. also provides consulting services for waste storage and processing plants.

TECSA S.r.l. turns out to be an ideal partner both for end users and for design companies and, again, for consulting companies and freelance professionals who, within the scope of the tasks assigned to them, need specialist support through the application of one of the disciplines TECSA S.r.l. or need to develop a share of their activities in a very short time and therefore benefit from the resources that a company like TECSA S.r.l. can put in place. Not least TECSA S.r.l. can offer “peer-review” services in order to verify as an independent third party the compliance with the requirements for HSE studies.