Tecsa S.r.l. is a specialist consulting company, founded in 1979 by Carlo Fiorentini, operating both nationally and internationally in the fields of process safety, health and safety in the workplace, environment, safety and fire prevention engineering, management systems and forensic engineering. In the national and European field it has long obtained recognition and visibility.

These services are offered to a variety of organisations operating in the following sectors:

An overview of the main customers is available here.

The consulting services are organised around specialist consulting activities in the field of

Tecsa S.r.l. operates from its headquarters in Pero (Milan). In Italy, Tecsa S.r.l. has an operative office in Augusta (SR) from which it also manages activities in the MENA area (Middle East and North Africa), a territory for which it also has a local unit in Cairo (Egypt).

Over the years, the structure and members of senior management have become a point of reference in industrial safety (particularly in the Seveso process industry plants) and fire engineering, including performance-based fire engineering, fire risk assessment and fire design.

Tecsa S.r.l. is a private company whose entire share capital is held by shareholders operating in the company. The executive director of Tecsa S.r.l. is Luca Fiorentini, whose brief profile can be found on the specific page.

A specific page describes the history of the company and, in particular, its birth and the first few years of its existence, as evidence of a continuity of management that over time has not only led to the assumption of a reference role in various areas relating to process safety and fire safety, but has also allowed TECSA S.r.l. to expand its consulting services and in-depth activities and to develop numerous important supranational partnerships.

Tecsa technicians are authors of books and numerous publications in scientific journals for which they also work as reviewers or members of the editorial board. They are present in numerous reference associations operating at international level, in Italian, European and international technical standardisation and standardisation commissions; they carry out technical consultancy activities for the investigating and judging judiciary for accidents of national importance in the event of fires and explosions; they teach both at university level and in safety and fire prevention courses organised by professional bodies.

TECSA S.r.l. is particularly active in the field of SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers), adhering to the Corporate 100 Partner Program, maintaining five registered technicians and holding some positions, through the Director Luca Fiorentini, both at international and national level (SFPE Italy).

Tecsa S.r.l. avails itself of a series of collaborations at national and international level with universities, research institutes and individual recognized professionals and consulting and engineering companies with proven experience for specialized activities in support of the company’s core business. Within the framework of the existing collaborations and partnerships TECSA S.r.l. is able to propose on the Italian market software tools and instruments recognized to support in-depth study activities.

Tecsa’s engineering and consulting activities have always been carried out with methodological and scientific rigour in compliance with the legal requirements and timeframes defined by the Customers. The entire process of development of specialist consultancy activities has been certified since 30 July 2004 in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 (now 9001:2015). In the specific paragraph some details about the quality management system implemented by TECSA S.r.l. are explained.

Over the years, the reference market, starting from the world of refining and petrochemicals, has extended to the military sector, the transport sector, critical infrastructures (including ports, airports, railway terminals and stations), technological networks and energy infrastructures.