In many years of activity Tecsa S.r.l. has always combined the consultancy activity with education and training activities through specific specialized programs organized on different levels of complexity.

Training events are delivered directly or through training institutes, professional associations and partners, both face-to-face and remotely, even using e-learning on-demand methods.

TECSA S.r.l. is able to develop training sessions, seminars, webinars and courses on specific customer requests, designed on the basis of actual needs and expectations.

Scheduled training activities catalog are listed below.

online course / Fire Prevention


April 22-23, 2021 Language: Italian

16 hour course on fire and explosion risk assessment held by two internationally recognised experts. Participants are guided through the assessment methods movind from phenomena description and then exploring the most widely used techniques with a constant reference to the current regulatory requirements.

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online course / Risk

Seveso and functional safety. Requirements of Legislative Decree 105/2015 and IEC 61511

On demand Language: Italian

This online seminar intends to provide a reasoned analysis of the requirements of Legislative Decree 105/2015 with respect to the possibilities offered by the IEC 61511 standard, illustrating the points of convergence of a holistic approach that today appears increasingly strategic for organizations.

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online course / Risk


On demand Language: English

This course intends to be an introductive training to the principles, frameworks, and processes of the ISO 31000 technical standard about Risk Management. The added value of this course is the presentation of the barrier-based perspective, introducing the key concept of “barrier” while showing how to use this approach within methods from IEC 31010 like the Bow-Tie and the Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA), to enhance the Risk Management from both a proactive and reactive point of view.

The course, hosted by Chaos Consulting S.r.l, has a duration of 3,5 hours, in english language, with a cost of Euro 60,00 (VAT included), and direct payment during registration via PayPal / Credit Card.

Chaos Consulting
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online course / Risk


ON DEMAND Language: Italian

This training seminar lasting one hour and twenty minutes intends to illustrate how the analysis of the root causes allows the enhancement of the operational experience of each organization, regardless of type, size and working environment, allowing the pursuit of continuous improvement, a paradigm of each management system.

Chaos Consulting
online course / Risk


February 4, 2021 / 9:30 - 17:00 Language: Italian

This introductory course on ISO 31000 aims to provide the basic concepts of Risk Management.

By attending this course, you will understand the importance of Risk Management and the benefits derived from it for organizations, society and governments.

Chaos Consulting
online course / RIR


February 26, 2021 Language: Italian

PHA techniques: HAZID and HAZOP

The course, lasting 8 hours in total and in Italian, intends to provide an overview of the main techniques of preliminary hazard analysis for assessing the degree of safety of plants in the chemical process industry, both onshore and offshore, also in relation to the requirements of law applicable in our country with particular reference to the regulatory body relating to the Seveso Directive (Legislative Decree 105/2015) and that relating to the “Offshore” Directive (Legislative Decree 145/2015). The course is aimed at HSE managers, process designers and experts, instrumentation and automation experts, safety consultants and risk analysts as well as all those who are called to participate in HAZID and HAZOP analysis sessions.

The cost is Euro 400.00 including VAT for each participant (Euro 350.00 including VAT in case of registration by February 12, 2021).


online course / RIR

RIR 101e – Preliminary Hazard Analysis for the Process Industry – HAZID and HAZOP

March 1, 2021 Language: English

This 8 hour training course provides an overview of the main techniques of preliminary hazard analysis (PHA) for the industrial safety of plants in the chemical process industry both onshore and offshore. The introductory course is aimed at HSE managers, plant designers and process engineers, instrumentation and automation engineers, safety consultants and risk analysts as well as all those who are called to participate in HAZID and HAZOP sessions.

Course will be delivered in english language in time zone GMT+1 from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00. Sessions will be recorded and made available to all registered students.The cost is Euro 400.00 including VAT for each participant (Euro 350.00 including VAT in case of registration by February 5, 2021). Payment will be processed using PayPal / Credit Card during the enrollement process.

On-site course / Risk


Rome - March 4, 2021 Language: Italian

This introductory risk management course aims to provide the knowledge to ensure an effective implementation of the Risk Management process in organizations, as required by ISO 31000, also on the basis of the guidelines provided by ISO / TR 31004: 2013.

The course aims to provide:
– The context of the technical standards ISO 31000 / ISO 31010
– Basic information for building a BowTie;
– The guidelines to add value to the BowTie;
– Practical examples.

online course / RIR

RIR 103 – Introduction to Seveso legislation on the risks of major accidents

March 8, 2021 / 09.00 - 13.00 Language: Italian

The requirements of Legislative Decree 105/2015

The course aims to provide an overview of Legislative Decree 26 June 2015, n. 105. “Implementation of Directive 2012/18 / EU relating to the control of the danger of major accidents connected with dangerous substances”. This legislation on the risks of major accidents (also known as the “Seveso Regulation”) has the purpose of subjecting industrial activities operating with certain hazardous substances to specific regulations in order to ensure the reduction of the related risk to the lowest possible and in any case acceptable levels. .

The course is an introduction to this particular discipline which concerns a minority of industrial activities, which deserve particular attention; this discipline has had a long phase of preparation and since 1982 it has then slowly developed up to the present times, reaching a degree of maturity that has led to tangible and satisfactory results in terms of correct management and control of industrial risk and its implications on the territory also with reference to urbanization planning and response to any emergencies.

The course is aimed at RSPP, ASPP, business consultants and all those who wish to approach the “Seveso Regulation” and its main requirements. These also include company technicians involved in the development of the safety analysis and in the preparation of the update of the Plant Safety Report. The course is also aimed at all experts from other disciplines (environmental and maintenance experts, experts in the development of management systems) who intend to understand the main requirements of the “Seveso” to broaden their skills and integrate the related aspects into their business with the prevention of major accidents by enhancing the logical links.


The cost is Euro 200.00 including VAT for each participant (Euro 150.00 including VAT in case of registration by February 22, 2021). The duration is 4 hours and will be held by Eng. Simone Cerri.


online course / RIR


March 12, 2021 Language: Italian

Bow-Tie and LOPA techniques

The course, lasting a total of 8 hours, aims to provide an overview of your techniques, which are strictly interconnected, for risk assessment activities in the process industry: the Bow-Tie diagram and the analysis of protection levels independent LOPA. The course is an introduction to the risk assessment and control approach through prevention and protection “barriers”, with an analysis paradigm in compliance with the risk life cycle proposed by the ISO 31000 standard. It is aimed at HSE manager, RSPP / ASPP, business consultants, risk managers, plant managers, risk analysts and all those who wish to deepen simple but modern techniques to be able to identify risks, assess them and communicate them within the organization in an effective and intuitive way.

The cost is Euro 450.00 including VAT for each participant (Euro 400.00 VAT included in case of registration by February 26, 2021): the cost includes a copy of the volume “Analysis, evaluation and operational management of risk” by L. Fiorentini and R. Sicari