TECSA S.r.l. has been working for more than 40 years as a specialist consultant in the HSE field for large industrial companies with a team of experts known and recognized nationally and internationally. While in the first years of activity the experts have worked mainly in the field of fire safety in the oil & gas field, in the years immediately following the consultancy has integrated the action in the field of industrial safety and environmental protection, also in the wake of the increasingly precise regulatory requirements in different areas. Today, the analysis of industrial risk, fire and explosion risk and occupational risk in the workplace is the starting point for each consultancy activity as well as for the design and verification of management systems.

Over the years, this approach has made it possible to serve, with experience and without ever betraying the history and solid principles of the organisation, a multiplicity of organisations operating in different sectors:


Since safety must also be understood as the enhancement of operational experience and study of accidental events, TECSA S.r.l. technicians have always developed considerable expertise in the study of the root causes of real events and in forensic engineering, which, given the significance of the sector, led to the creation of a specific forensic engineering division in 2015.

Currently, for a whole series of loyal customers over the years and through a series of important international partnerships, TECSA S.r.l. is the ideal choice for all those organizations that intend to adopt a modern risk management model ready to face all the challenges of the complexity characteristic of technical systems and processes, without forgetting the importance of the human factor.

The 'Oil & Gas' world has historically represented the reference market for TECSA S.r.l.'s activities and the area from which many of the company's senior consultants as well as external experts for highly specialized services come.
The skills, experience, methodologies consolidated over time as well as the tools (e.g. calculation codes) and resources, allow TECSA S.r.l. to offer a modern and performing HSE consultancy service
TECSA S.r.l. represents an ideal partner for consultancy needs on safety, security, handling of dangerous goods, fire prevention and major risks, in the context of strategic infrastructures (ports, airports and railway stations).
For some time TECSA S.r.l. puts its skills at the service of forensic engineering activities conducted directly rather than for third parties, both in the judicial and insurance fields.