Andrea Respighi obtained the Exida Fire & Gas Professional (FGP) certification

Andrea Respighi, senior consultant of TECSA S.r.l. and expert in fire safety and fire detection systems design, obtained the Exida Fire & Gas Professional (FGP) certification, becoming a recognized expert in the design of fire & gas detection systems in the industrial field.

This certification also covers the skills in the field of availability on demand (functional safety) of critical technical systems according to IEC 61511 standard and the design of detection systems with analytical techniques such as F&G mapping (2D and 3D) with advanced and dedicated calculation codes, including the Micropack HazMap 3D code in use and marketed by TECSA S.r.l.

Respighi’s recognition joins that of other TECSA S.r.l. technicians experts in functional safety and critical systems design. TECSA S.r.l. is furthermore partner of Exida and Micropack.