Article about virtual reality training on SFPE Europe Magazine

On the SFPE Europe Magazine n. 12 Q4 2018, an official pubblication of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, an article on the use of virtual reality for emergency training has been published by Luca Fiorentini and Andrea Respighi from TECSA S.r.l. The article can be read at this link.

Emergency planning is a key element of the strategy that organizations must put in place to guarantee an appropriate level of safety. This article focuses on fire-related emergencies in industrial sites and illustrates how new technologies can help train people to face situations that are too difficult and/or costly to be re-created in reality. Virtual Reality (VR) can be of great help in these cases because it can reproduce any scenario in any condition and test the scenario as many times as desired.

TECSA S.r.l. is also partner of XVR Simulation, a Dutch software house specialized in the production of virtual reality training software.