Article on risk analysis for high crowded events in the international magazine “Crowd Safety”

An article entitled “A performance-based approach to safety at large events in public spaces: from risk to scenario assessment” has been published in the December 2019 issue of “The Crowd, the only international magazine on the topic of Crowd safety. Taking tthe inspiration from the conference held in Matera on the safety of crowds on the occasion of “Matera 2020 – European Capital of Culture”, the article presents a model of risk analysis and assessment of scenarios related to the management of crowds, developed by Fabio Dattilo, Head of the Italian National Fire Brigade, Salvatore Tafaro, provincial commander of the Matera Fire Brigade and Luca Fiorentini, executive director of TECSA Srl, whose thanks for the contribution are highlighted in the article. The proposed methodology, already presented in two other articles in the EPC Editore “Antincendio” magazine (see this news and this news), leverages two innovative methods: risk analysis with the Bow-Tie method and the computer-assisted simulation of the exodus. In particular, TECSA is Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) of CGE Risk Management Solutions and partner of Incontrol Simulation, Dutch software houses that produce BowTieXP and Pedestrian Dynamics respectively, two software recognized internationally among the best tools on the market in the fields of competence.