Article on Safety Management Systems for the Prevention of Major Accidents and the new UNI 10617

An article signed by Luca Fiorentini, executive director of TECSA, and Rosario Sicari, risk analyst, entitled “Safety Management Systems for Prevention of Major Accident – the new UNI 10617: 2019” has been published in the January 2020 issue of “Ambinete&Sicurezza sul lavoro” magazine by EPC Editore. The new edition of the UNI 10617 standard “Stabilimenti con pericolo di incidente rilevante – Sistemi di gestione della sicurezza – Requisiti essenziali” underlines once again how only a well thought out and solid systemic approach around unavoidable principles can guarantee the correct functioning of the SMS provided for by Legislative Decree 105/2015. The article, therefore, intends to present its salient aspects.