Article on “Using Virtual Reality for Emergency Training”

On the August 2018 issue of the magazine “Antincendio” by EPC Periodici, an article is about to be published by Luca Fiorentini (Executive Director of TECSA Srl) and Andrea Respighi entitled “The use of virtual reality for training in situations of emergency”.

Emergency response planning is a key element of the strategy that organizations must implement for the security level assurance. This article highlights the advantage deriving, in relation to specific regulatory obligations, from the use of the increasingly widespread IT technologies related to immersive and non-immersive virtual reality, for the purpose of improving the response planning to emergencies and the consequent, necessary and mandatory, information activities, training and training.

The article deals in particular with emergencies deriving from safety risks, examining the risks of fire and industrial risks and identifying a series of de facto related areas of investigation such as the management of overcrowding in complex and critical situations for which recent episodes at national and supranational level have shown need for analysis and awareness. Obviously, these technologies, by extension, can be well applied to similar situations characterized by risks for which it is necessary to have an effective response. For example, consider the risks to security.