ASME article on natural events and major accidents (NaTech)

The article “NaTech risk for refiners tanks: results of a vulnerability assessment campaign” (DOI: 10.1115 / 1.4040313) has been published in the Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, official scientific journal of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) by Luca Fiorentini (TECSA Srl), Bernardino Chiaia and Valerio De Biagi (Polytechnic University of Turin) and Cristina Zannini (Arcos Engineering Srl).

The abstract of the scientific article is shown below.

“Seismic hazard represents one of the possible triggering causes for NaTech accidents in refineries and production plants. The vulnerability of steel storage tanks was evaluated within the framework of a rapid risk assessment. This paper reports the results of the investigation. The outputs of the analysis are plotted on normalized axes and trends among the results are observed. Finally, a comparison between the criticalities and the fragility curves found in the literature is proposed”.

The article aims to show the results of an intense evaluation campaign aimed at defining the industrial risk induced by seismic events in establishments subject to the regulatory body on the prevention of major accidents (Legislative Decree 105/2015) and establish a correspondence with the quantitative security analysis conducted by the Managers.

Other publications concerning the study activity about NaTech events are listed in the site’s publications area. Luca Fiorentini and Bernardino Chiaia, long aware of this type of incidental events, have brought their experience in some courses, among which the one held by the authorities having jurisdiction in the field of major accident prevention in Veneto and Trentino stands out. South Tyrol as part of a course organized by the authorities themselves (see specific news).