Bow-Tie and risk analysis (presentation)

The presentation entitled “Analysis of risk in the industrial sector” and published by Prof. Luca Marmo in the context of the Previnto 18 conference (Turin, 8-9 June 2018) in the section “Evaluation of fire risk in complexes” is published on the site industrial: advanced methodologies “. The presentation can be downloaded in pdf format at this link.

The presentation illustrates the Bow-Tie methodology for industrial risk analysis. The case study presented refers to the ThyssenKrupp accident in Turin, for which Marmo and Fiorentini intervened as technical consultants of the public prosecutor in support of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Dr. Raffaele Guariniello), for whom a technical scientific article is available on Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries entitled “Missing safety measures to the jet fire and seven deaths at a steel plant in Turin Dynamics and lessons learned” by L. Marmo, L. Fiorentini and N. Piccinini (Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 215-224).

Insights on the method of Bow-Tie risk analysis, also with reference to the use in the framework of the structured assessment of root causes in the forensic environment, can be found on the international volume, of the same authors, published by Wiley entitled “Principles of Forensic Engineering Applied to Industrial Accidents “, for which more information is available here and on the volume page.

The interview by the Director of TECSA, Luca Fiorentini (co-author of the presentation) on the sidelines of the event and published on the website of the same is also reported.