Calculation of the evacuation time in case of fire of an intensive warehouse with very high frequency of movement through simulation

MFCforensic (specialized division of TECSA Srl that deals with advanced simulation) has estimated, in the context of a fire prevention procedure, the evacuation time, according to the criteria of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers – SFPE – USA of a building of 40000 m2 of surface uniformly arranged on four floors and used for the intensive storage of goods of one of the major international companies operating with the technique of “e-commerce” and therefore provides a very high frequency of handling.

The evacuation of all the employees that normally in the building can amount to about 600 occupants has been estimated; Employment rate significantly severe and rarely found in traditional intensive warehouses.

The simulation was carried out using the internationally recognized calculation code “Pathfinder” by Thunderhead Engineering (USA), which allowed a visualization of the exodus in emergency with respect to the fire scenario also in three-dimensional form for a prompt analysis of the hypothesised emergency scenarios according to different use cases of the building artefact.

This activity, unique in relation to the type and occupational and dimensional characteristics of the building, is included among the services offered by Tecsa S.r.l. in the field of performance-oriented fire-fighting engineering (see specific page).