Assessment of the level of industrial risk relating to the oxygen distribution system of a steel plant

2022 / Risk analysis services / Industries

The plant intends to modify the oxygen distribution system by putting all external lines out of service and installing a liquid oxygen storage tank that will directly feed the users by connecting to the existing pipe rack.

The purpose of the activity was to carry out a comparative risk analysis for the oxygen distribution system, in particular by analysing the pre and post modification plant structures.

The study was related to the identification and comparison of the industrial risk associated with the oxygen distribution system in the two pre- and post-modification plant structures.

At the end of the risk analysis conducted in relation to the two plant structures, and developed in accordance with the methodologies adopted for the preparation of the Safety Reports according to Legislative Decree 105/2015 “Implementation of Directive 2012/18 / EU relating to the of the danger of major accidents connected with dangerous substances “, a semi-quantitative assessment was carried out on the industrial risk present in the two configurations, in accordance with the methodology described in Ministerial Decree 09/05/2001” Minimum safety requirements in urban and territorial planning for the areas affected by establishments at risk of major accident “, in order to quantify the risk on the basis of the compatible territorial categories to express a comparative judgment between the two structures.