Detailed hydraulic calculation (stationary regime) for fixed fire-fighting system protecting offshore helideck

2020 / Fire safety engineering / Infrastructures

The hydraulic performance, in terms of residual pressure at the nozzles and flow rate, of the fixed water / foam fire extinguishing system protecting the helideck on the offshore platform was verified by detailed hydraulic calculation in stationary regime carried out with the Pipenet Spray / Sprinkler module software, developed by Sunrise Systems (UK) and internationally validated with multiple applications for the analysis of hydraulic systems also in accordance with NFPA standards.

The firefighting network model was obtained on the basis of the available project documentation, characterizing the type and geometry of the pipes, the nozzles used and considering the localized pressure drops determined both by the fittings present and by the geometric configuration of the network.

The activity was completed by preparing the final report, complete with calculation printouts and planimetric diagrams with the representation of the simulated hudraulic parameters.

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