Preliminary fire risk assessment of a very large industrial complex

2023 / Fire engineering / Industries

The objective of the activity was to carry out a preliminary semi-quantitative fire risk assessment, in order to preliminarily identify the present critical issues (including a gap analysis versus applicable fire protection standards) and determine a priority of more in-depth studies and any technical and/or organizational-managerial interventions. The assessment used considers the fire load and the fire risk qualitatively expressed as Low, Medium, High among the input parameters.

By means of a Bow-Tie diagram normalized in tabular form it has been possible to assess the actual status of fire safety strategy of the entire industrial complex (several process plants, storage units, auxiliaries and supporting buildings).

Each single fire prevention/protection topic measures has been assessed with a dedicated study with the attribution of a score based on the degree of satisfaction and/or compliance with the established requirements and performance standards.