Storage facility for flammable and self-heating solid products reorganisation – Application of the “Codice di Prevenzione Incendi” (DM 03/08/2015) to the identified configuration hypotheses and comparison of results

2021 / Fire prevention engineering and fire prevention / Industries

The Company, faced with the need to reorganise a storage facility for solid flammable and self-heating product, with a simultaneous increase in hold-up, identified two possible existing buildings to be used for this purpose.

The peculiarity of the activity is due, on the one hand, to the hazardous characteristics of the product, a self-heating flammable solid, and, on the other hand, to the constraints imposed by the characteristics of the existing buildings.

The implementation of the activities required specific in-depth studies to following Strategies:

  • S.2 – FIRE RESISTANCE for building constraints
  • S.3 – COMPARISON for building constraints
  • S.6 – FIRE CONTROL due to the characteristics of the product, which, in addition to the above mentioned, reacts violently with water
  • S.7 – REVELATION AND ALARM due to the characteristics of the product which, in addition to the above mentioned, is characterized by a relatively low self-ignition temperature.

The activity, in addition to verifying conformity of the two solutions to the performance levels required by the application of the “Codice di Prevenzione Incendi”, aimed to highlight the possible needs for alternative solutions to be implemented for the conformity of the two options identified by the Company and to propose a comparison of the results in order to provide support to the corporate decision-making process.