CGE presents the volume of forensic engineering of L. Fiorentini and L. Marmo

On the website of the Dutch company CGE Risk Management Solutions B.V. with a specific post, the book “Principles of Forensic Engineering Applied to Industrial Accidents” by Luca Fiorentini and Luca Marmo, published by Wiley and just published in pre-order on the publisher’s website, is presented, see specific news.

The article intends to show how the complexity of an incidental event can be well addressed using structured methods of investigation to support forensic investigation activities.

CGE is currently the international leader in risk analysis methodologies based on the identification and enhancement of protection barriers and software tools for risk analysis and analysis of accidents, near-misses, injuries and anomalies. In particular, the specific incident investigation product, called IncidentXP, allows the use of different structured methods (including Tripod Beta, Barrier Failure Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, etc.). For further information on these metrics, refer to both the Wiley volume and the recently published introductory article in the Environment and Safety magazine of EPC S.r.l. (number of August 2018) signed by Luca Fiorentini and Rosario Sicari (coordinator of the forensic engineering activities of TECSA S.r.l. and MFCforensic).