Experiences of TECSA and MFCforensic in the new book by Norberto Piccinini

The book “Analisi di esplosioni ed incendi – Esempi applicati di ingegneria forense”, by Norberto Piccinini, was recently published for the series “Quaderni di progettazione” by EPC Editore.

The volume contains a summary of some of the expert’s activities carried out by the author during his long experience as a forensic engineer and also includes the discussion of some incidents analyzed together with Luca Fiorentini, Executive Director of TECSA Srl, and Luca Marmo, Professor of Safety in Industrial Processes at the Politecnico di Torino, both founding partners of MFCforensic. Among the in-depth investigations in the book, mention is made of the fires in the Thyssen and Moncalieri cases, and the latter also discussed in a conference at SafetyEXPO 2018 by EPC Editore, whose scientific publications have been referenced.