Fire&Gas Mapping, articles on ‘Antincendio’

TECSA S.r.l. has always promoted the dialogue between the disciplines analysis of industrial risk and fire-fighting engineering, especially in terms of performance. The company teams interact with each other and exploiting new methodologies and new tools to simulate the consequences guarantee to their customers a basic and detailed engineering of Fire & Gas detection systems based not only on the specific and performance characteristics of the selected components but also on the results of risk analysis (QRA), mapping (2D and 3D) of the effects of incidental events and functional safety analysis of these instrumental systems.

As part of these activities, we have recently drafted two technical articles with a popular footprint on the magazine “Antincendio”:

  • Luca Fiorentini, Edward Marszal: Performance-oriented Safety Engineering: The best positioning of gas and fire detectors by analyzing the effective coverage area, Firefighting Magazine, EPC S.r.l. (Rome), November 2015, see the title page
  • Luca Fiorentini, Mauro Paccione: Performance-oriented safety engineering: a quick method for optimizing the positioning of a system for detecting flammable gases in relation to the reference scenarios, Rivista Antincendio, EPC S.r.l. (Rome), October 2015, see the title page