INFORM – EPC Course on “Fire risk assessment” – Rome, 5 July 2016

The new Decree of the Minister of the Interior, August 3, 2015, known as the “Fire Prevention Code”, has introduced many innovations with the aim of simplifying and rationalizing the current normative body related to fire prevention. These innovations include concepts such as the “Performance Level” of fire safety measures and the related “Award Criteria”; the definition of harmonized methods for determining the “Life Risk”, the “Property Risk and the” Environmental Risk “; a specific chapter relating to the “Management of Fire Safety”, which will have a certain impact on the approach to the assessment of fire risk.

The course aims to provide a methodology to assess the fire risk through the use of the professional software “FLAME”. FLAME (Fire risk Level Assessment Matrix for Enterprises) is a newly developed method and made available for the rapid assessment of fire risk in the workplace to determine both the vulnerability for occupants and the vulnerability for property and for building. The high degree of customization of the analysis approach also allows the risk analyst to take advantage of a performance-oriented approach. This is completely in line with the most recent regulatory guidelines, and above all the horizontal technical fire prevention rule (RTO).

During the event we will proceed to illustrate:
• the guide to the method and to the software application
• the new module for the assessment of fire risk associated with industrial plant units
• the new module for the assessment of fire risk connected to the machines.

The course aims to provide both a classification of the fire risk analysis tools provided by the new code, and the declination of the principles of analysis in the FLAME methodology, specially codified to guide the analyst in the structuring of a fire risk analysis through single and sequential parametric evaluations, supported by contents derived from the specialized technical literature of reference

At the end of the course a certificate of participation will be issued by the Istituto Informa. The managers and the SPP staff will also receive a certificate of attendance to the refresher course, with relative duration, from the University of Roma Tre, valid pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08 and the State Regions Agreement 26.01. 06. Requested Credits (CFP) CNI National Council of Engineers and CNC National Council of Chemists.

Luca Fiorentini, Luca Marmo and Enrico Danzi (authors of the FLAME method)

Details about the program, costs, location, etc. they can be found on the website of INFORMA on this link together with the event poster with the registration procedure.