L’ingegneria antincendio prestazionale e le nuove tecnologie BIM

Luca FiorentiniCapitolo
in “The digital project for construction. Chronicles of a professional change” edited by S. ConversoMaggioli
Editore, 2010, Italian

The chapter finds space in one of the first volumes on Building Information Modelling, written by Prof. Converso of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Roma Tre, one of the leading experts on BIM at international level.
The chapter presents the use of BIM for the definition of simulation domains and their characterization for aspects relevant to fire safety for the subsequent numerical simulation of fire dynamics.
The chapter is accompanied by examples of numerical simulations assisted by the computer for the representation and study of fire dynamics both for design activities and for the reconstruction of events actually occurred for the purposes of the forensic engineering investigation phase.


Author: Luca Fiorentini