New article on Antincendio magazine – September 2019

On the September issue of the Antincendio magazine, published by EPC Editore, the second part of the article has been published with the title: “Designing a complex structure in the USA according to the Italian engineering approach”, signed by Luca Fiorentini, Executive Director of TECSA Srl.

Below is the abstract of the article,

On the following pages, we publish the second part of the article that appeared in the last August issue, which, starting from the  description of the structure, analyzed the procedure to identify representative fire scenarios and define the fire strategy with particular reference to critical technical systems identified in the design phase.
In this second part the characteristics of evacuation in emergency are illustrated starting from the characteristics of the occupants and the evacuation route system, up to the identification of the strategy to fight the fire, the task of internal staff and external rescuers, with a representation of the correspondence of the basic design to the performance criteria selected in the initial conceptual phase.

The first part of the article was published on the August release of the magazine (see related news).