New book: “Analisi, Valutazione e Gestione Operativa del Rischio” – EPC

The book by Luca Fiorentini, TECSA’s executive director, and Rosario Sicari, TECSA’s risk analyst, entitled:

Analisi, Valutazione e Gestione Operativa del Rischio – Bow-Tie, Root Cause Analysis ed altri strumenti conformi alla ISO 31000 per la gestione sistemica del rischio nelle organizzazioni (EPC Editore)

will be published soon.

Starting from the principles of ISO 31000 in terms of “Risk Management”, this book illustrates methods and tools for conducting the phases of both risk assessment and risk treatment. Ample space is devoted to the “barrier-based” perspective and the “Bow-Tie” methodology, highlighting the criteria for independently building a Bow-Tie diagram and the steps to follow to manage risks with this tool, both for qualitative and quantitative assessments, thanks to the integration with the LOPA analysis.
A specific chapter is dedicated to the analysis of the operational experience of the organisations, highlighting the relative connections with the various management systems (mandatory or voluntary), from which emerges the importance and complementarity with the previous phase of risk assessment. The workflow of an investigation is then illustrated, along with the fundamental principles of forensic engineering.
Ample space is dedicated to different techniques for analysing accidents, near-miss or non-conformities and anomalies, such as the Timeline, Tripod Beta, BFA, RCA and others. Finally, the principles of human factor are discussed, with insights dedicated to the techniques of a quantitative assessment of human reliability.

At this link, you can download the cover of the book, while from this link you can download the form to book a copy now.