New license of EFFECTS in TECSA

Given the significant number of customers and projects in Italy and abroad, TECSA S.r.l. now has a further license of EFFECTS by Gexcon, the integrated package for the calculation of the consequences. The new license satisfies the goal of strengthening the calculation capabilities in the evaluation of the consequences in chemicals companies and hazardous chemical substances storages. This tool is being used together with, among other software available in the company, the calculation code RISK Curves, also from Gexcon, for the development of complete quantitative analysis and recomposition of plant risks.

EFFECTS is used to model the behaviour of toxic or flammable gases, liquefied gases or liquids from initial release to effects kilometres away, in all process and meteorological conditions. The calculation code is used to determine the irradiation from fire, the overpressure from explosions, the toxic concentrations and much more, also evaluating the consequences on human life (lethality) and damage to the structures. EFFECTS is also fully integrated with the latest GIS software which TECSA S.r.l. has, allowing an effective sharing of the results obtained.