Norman Atlantic: emptying operations started

On January 8th the operations of emptying the Norman Atlantic ferry began. The emptying operations are carried out within the probative incident set by the Bari GIP referable to the incident of fire occurred on December 28, 2014 and which led to the reported death of 11 passengers and, to date, to the number 18 missing. For the probationary incident, the formation of an expert panel of CTU has been arranged with the participation of Bernardino Chiaia, Luca Marmo and Luca Fiorentini of MFCforensic, a division of forensic engineering of TECSA S.r.l. and experts of “fire investigation”. The CTUs supervise the activities of emptying and dismantling the vehicles (vehicles and articulated vehicles) subject of the fire still on board the ship and in particular arranged on the bridges number 3 and number 4 for a total of 113 vehicles with the related load. The judicial custodians, the Coast Guard, the Scientific Police, the prosecutors of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the experts of the parties and their respective lawyers, the Maritime Safety Agency of the Ministry of Transport participate in the operations.