Partnership with XVR Simulation – Delft – Olanda

Depending on the deep commitment of TECSA S.r.l. to offer updated and innovative services, solutions and technologies to its customers, the company proceeded to activate a formal partnership with the XVR Simulation BV company based in the Netherlands. This partnership guarantees TECSA S.r.l. to implement and deploy security training solutions using the development platform devised by XVR that allows the use of highly advanced technologies such as immersive virtual reality (3D) and dynamic simulation. XVR Simulation is one of the major international players in the field of simulation and augmented virtual reality applied to security and security training. Founded in 2000, XVR today boasts the use of its platform in 32 countries by more than 200 users through a solid network of certified and appropriately trained partners. The experience of TECSA S.r.l. in the construction of training contents with advanced technologies combined with the potential of the XVR platform, they allow a substantial improvement in the quality and interactivity of the current and traditional training and training methodologies. As part of training and safety training, this also makes it possible to comply with the training obligations more timely, also in terms of the frequency of disbursement provided for by the relevant legislation on health and safety at work (Consolidated Law 81/2008 and subsequent amendments). ) and prevention of major accidents (Legislative Decree 105/2015 Italian transposition of the European directive known as ‘Seveso 3’). Through the partnership signed the current TECSA S.r.l. and future ones will benefit from emergency training developed using innovative virtual reality and augmented reality technologies taking into account the incidental scenarios defined by the specific risk analysis of their industrial site. These scenarios can be modified in real time to verify different hypotheses and different intervention alternatives as well as different developmental dynamics (including domino effects and secondary effects). These new services complete the panorama of TECSA S.r.l.’s technologically advanced solutions. for training, information and training as well as traditional HSE consulting services. Further details can be found on the page dedicated to international partnerships.