Chaos Consulting

Training ISO 3100 Risk Management

Chaos Consulting S.r.l. provides consultancy services dedicated to companies and organizations that intend to face complexity (operational, managerial, financial), to transform risks into opportunities and make the most of operational experience.

Chaos Consulting S.r.l. is particularly active at national and supranational level in the fields of complexity management, risk analysis, investigation and analysis of accidents, audits and compliance checks, human error analysis and quantitative human factor assessment. The company’s activities are oriented to provide consultancy to companies to allow a better management of processes, through a careful analysis of risk and operational experience that reveals the opportunities raised by the paradigm of continuous improvement of management systems. The company, founded by experts from the world of oil & gas and large infrastructures with supranational experience, provides high level consultancy and training services also for the certification of skills, through the partnership with the PECB certification body. TECSA S.r.l. collaborates with Chaos Consulting S.r.l. for the development of training events both in traditional and FAD modes, which also include the support of PECB certified teachers for courses in enterprise risk management (ERM), ISO 31000 risk management, operational experience analysis, human error analysis, root cause analysis (RCA).

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