XVR Simulation

Industry training

As a result of TECSA S.r.l.’s deep commitment to offer updated and innovative services, solutions and technologies to its customers, the company has proceeded to activate a formal partnership with the company XVR Simulation BV based in the Netherlands. This partnership guarantees TECSA S.r.l. to implement and distribute security training solutions using the development platform developed by XVR that allows the use of extremely advanced technologies such as immersive virtual reality (3D) and dynamic simulation.

XVR Simulation is one of the major international players in the field of simulation and virtual and augmented reality applied to security and security training. Founded in 2000, XVR today boasts the use of its platform in 32 countries by more than 200 users through a solid network of certified and properly trained partners. TECSA S.r.l.’s experience in the construction of training contents with advanced technologies combined with the potential of XVR’s platform allow a substantial improvement in the quality level and interactivity of current and traditional training and education methodologies. In the field of safety training and education, this also makes it possible to comply more punctually with the training obligations also in terms of frequency of delivery provided by the reference legislation on health and safety at work (Consolidated Law 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions) and the prevention of major accidents (Legislative Decree 105/2015, Italian transposition of the European directive known as ‘Seveso 3’).

Today the XVR development platform is used by a significant number of clients from various sectors of the public and private world distributed over various types of industries, emergency services and urgent technical rescue, port installations and offshore installations. XVR is a complete development platform that allows the creation of training contents using immersive virtual reality technology for the training of public and private operators belonging to all the above mentioned organisations and types of industries involved in the direct and indirect management of crises and incidents. The XVR Simulation platform provides a realistic and immersive learning environment within which it is possible to dynamically represent any evolving incident scenario. This allows to use different learning methods all based on a representation of the operational reality of the industrial, port, urban environment in which the operator is located. The platform allows immersive navigation within three-dimensional worlds created from 3D environments, maps, photographic and video reconstructions. For example, the accidental scenarios defined in the XVR environment can be used during a classroom lesson or as objects incorporated in computerized handouts for e-learning courses to be used through a learning management system (LMS) also at a distance, or they can be displayed in immersive mode through helmets.

Scenario reconstruction can also be used for training briefing and debriefing activities. XVR can also be used for the reconstruction of accidents and near misses that actually occurred for the purpose of reviewing the causes, consequences and measures that have been or should have been implemented. The XVR On Scene module allows effective training supported by a realistic and three-dimensional immersive environment. The instructor is able to construct one or more accident scenarios, possibly defining different evolutions starting from a single episode in order to define different cases and modes of intervention suitable for each condition, also changing environmental parameters such as wind speed and direction, brightness level, etc.. Through advanced 3D pointing devices the user can navigate in real time through dynamic simulation and interact with the sensitive objects of the realistic environment. The XVR Resource Management module allows the simulation of the logistic aspects of an emergency plan (also at a territorial level) and finds its natural place in the training of public rescue functions and “disaster managers”. It is a simulator of territorial emergency plans such as municipal civil protection plans, external emergency plans for major accident risks, provincial plans for environmental risks, etc., where the training of operators must be aimed at acquiring methods and knowledge about storage areas, territorial location of resources, intervention times according to various use cases associated with various types of accident events, including natural ones. Through the partnership signed, current and future TECSA S.r.l. customers will be able to benefit from emergency training developed using innovative virtual reality and augmented reality technologies taking into account the incident scenarios defined by the specific risk analysis of their industrial site. These scenarios may be modified in real time to verify different hypotheses and different intervention alternatives as well as different development dynamics (including domino effects and secondary effects). These new services complete the panorama of TECSA S.r.l.’s technologically advanced solutions for training, information and education as well as traditional HSE consulting services.

More information about the XVR SIM platform can be found on the product page of the site.