PriamoEvolutionWeb and PriamoApp

TECSA S.r.l. updates and makes available its platform for the management of audits, periodic inspections and maintenance with particular reference to critical technical systems (eg fire systems and components). The new version includes a web-based infrastructure for ease of access to content and an app specifically developed for the Apple iOS system. The new version has been specifically redesigned in such a way as to be integrated with the other TECSA platforms, developed in the field of system engineering activities, and in particular with HSE-D or the digital dashboard of “operational excellence” and with Nyx or the tool for the management of desk-type audits, suitable for the development of complex audits based on highly articulated checklists. PriamoEvolutionWeb automatically generates audit reports and allows the management of their results (NC, AC and AP). A specific product presentation page will soon be published.