Seminar: The technical consultant of office and part (C.T.U. and C.T.P.) in the field of fire prevention

Luca Fiorentini, Director of TECSA S.r.l. and of the company’s forensic engineering division (MFCforensic), participated as a speaker at the specialist seminar “The technical consultant of the office and part (CTU and CTP)”, organized by the Provincial Fire Brigade Command of Milan together with the Order of Architects of the Province of Milan, which was held on December 15, 2017 at the Command.

Luca Fiorentini, intervened with a contribution entitled “The role of the technical consultant of the office and part of the criminal proceedings”, written together with Prof. Ing. Luca Marmo and Eng. Rosario Sicari, MFCforensic coordinator. An extract of the contribution can be viewed here.

At the same seminar, as speakers, Arch. Bolchini on the role of C.T.U. and C.T.P. in the civil proceedings, Dr. Siciliano (Deputy Prosecutor at the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office) on the role of the investigating magistracy and Arch. Abbot on the role of the police station of the Fire Brigade.