SFPE Webinar: “Crowd Management and Control”, by TECSA S.r.l.

On November, 11th, from 4 to 5 .p.m. CEST, Maria Lappano, risk analyst in TECSA S.r.l. will present the SFPE (Society of Fire Protection Engineers) webinar entitled: “Crowd Management and Control – Case Study For a Stadium Using Pedestrian Dynamics® Software”.

Crowd safety is an important issue when organising a large-scale event. The role played by management is crucial in ensuring the safety of participants. Due to the increase of massive leisure events, the safety of spectators has become an important matter to consider while planning these events.

In the present work, we study the characteristics and movements of crowds in different environments (e.g. stadiums, stations, airport etc.), then we analyse the specific characteristics of crowd egressing from a stadium. Finally, a specific case study applied on a sport stadium is investigated using Pedestrian Dynamics® software, sold in Italy by TECSA s.r.l. operating as official partner of Incontrol Simulation. In this case study, the impact of some design variations and different evacuation strategies are compared by investigating the egress time and the congestion points to evaluate the evacuation performance of different planning solutions.

A stadium has been chosen since it has peculiar characteristics from an occupant viewpoint. Stadia are one of the most populated assembly occupancies for crowd gathering, and they need proper management to guarantee occupancies safety. We run several the simulations to forecast of crowd evacuations and ingress/egress flows. Those simulations are used to propose a more rational and safe evacuation guidance policy for this arena.

Registration will be available on the website www.sfpe.org/page/SFPEWebinarSeries.