Speakers at the prestigious 11th international seminar on dangers, prevention and mitigation of explosions in industrial plants, Dalian (China), 24-29 July 2016

TECSA S.r.l. will participate with a specialized intervention at the “11th international seminar on hazards, prevention and mitigation of explosions in industrial plants” which will be held in Dalian (China) on 24-29 July 2016 (ISHPMIE 2016). The memory to be presented is entitled “Quantitative risk assessment methods to optimize facility layout”, with authors L. Fiorentini, M. Paccione, P. Fanelli, L. Marmo and E. Danzi. The memory presents a real case study that shows how current risk analysis techniques and in particular advanced methods of simulation of consequences (including the three-dimensional evaluation of the consequences and the consequent development of F & G systems engineering based on F & G mapping), coupled with a correct instrumentation engineering of the ESD of security, can be a valid support to the decisions in case of definition of the layout of new industrial installations. The memory consolidates in a paper containing both the proposed workflow and a real case study a relatively new and topical discipline both in the oil & gas and onshore and offshore world. More information and the abstract available on the official ISHPMIE 2016 event.