Teaching course ‘818’

Also this year TECSA S.r.l. he will participate as a teacher at the ‘818’ course organized by the Turin Order of Engineers Foundation (FOIT). The course turns out to be the 15th propaedeutic to the specialization in the field of fire prevention with a program in compliance with the Circ. Prot. 7213 of May 15, 2012.

Luca Fiorentini, Director of TECSA S.r.l., will hold the following lessons:

  • qualitative risk assessment in relation to security objectives;
  • normative references and assessment of fire risk in the workplace;
  • sanctioning apparatus.

Also Prof. Luca Marmo, founder of the MFCforensic forensic engineering division, will be in charge of teaching the lessons concerning the following topics:

  • general information on combustion and on dangerous substances;
  • extinguishing substances.

As part of the lectures dedicated to the deepening of the issues related to fire risk assessment, a series of exercises will be carried out using the FLAME methodology (Fire risk Level Assessment Method for Enterprises) devised by L. Fiorentini (TECSA Srl), L. Marmo and E. Danzi (Polytechnic University of Turin). The teaching material will also be taken from the publication “The evaluation of fire risks” by L. Fiorentini and L. Marmo published by EPC S.r.l., Rome, 2011 (available here).