TECSA at Ambiente e Lavoro 2015

TECSA will hold on October 15th 2015, as part of the ‘Ambiente Lavoro 2015‘ fair, a two-hour technical seminar entitled “THE EVALUATION OF FIRE RISK: METHODS AND TOOLS IN THE LIGHT OF THE NEW FIRE PREVENTION CODE”.

The program includes both the illustration of the basic concepts of fire risk assessment in the new fire prevention code, and the FLAME method as an implementation tool for these assessments. FLAME (Fire risk Level Assessment Matrix for Enterprises) is a newly developed method and made available for the rapid assessment of fire risk in the workplace to determine both the vulnerability for occupants and the vulnerability for property and for building. The proposed parametric approach, derived from the insurance world, allows to take into account both the actual fire dynamics that can arise and analyze both fire compartments of civil buildings, and productive activities including industrial ones. The high degree of customization of the analysis approach also allows the risk analyst to take advantage of a performance-oriented approach. This is completely in line with the most recent regulatory guidelines, and first of all the horizontal technical fire prevention regulation (RTO), which indicate the process of identifying the best fire fighting strategy as absolutely bound to the analysis of fire risk, ie constituted from the definition of performance targets whose achievement determines the acceptability of the level of risk associated with the actual descriptors of a fire compartment. The workshop aims to provide both a framework for the fire risk analysis tools provided for by the new code and the declination of the principles of analysis in the FLAME methodology, specifically codified to guide the analyst in the structuring of a fire risk analysis through single and sequential parametric evaluations supported by contents derived from the specialized technical literature of reference.