TECSA at CISAP-8 (Milan, 12-14 September 2018)

TECSA S.r.l. will be present at CISAP-8 (website of the event), the international conference promoted by the Italian Association of Chemical Engineering (AIDIC) for process safety and the environment, to be held in Milan in the period 12-14 September 2018 .

The following are the expected publications, preliminary abstracts accepted, for the conference, together with a descriptive technical summary of the same:

  • Luca Fiorentini, Francesca De Vecchi (TECSA Srl), Luca Marmo, Bernardino Chiaia (Polytechnic University of Turin), Francesco Bonavita (National Fire Brigade), Gianfranco Peiretti (IPLOM SpA), “Pipelines safety management: risk assessment and functional safety applied after a real severe accident “(see abstract);
  • Luca Fiorentini (TECSA S.r.l.), Luca Marmo (Polytechnic of Turin), “Sound barriers management in process safety: Bow-Tie approach to the first official AIChE – CCPS guidelines” (see abstract);
  • Luca Fiorentini (TECSA Srl), Luca Marmo (Polytechnic of Turin), Dino Poggiali, Francesco Pilo, Francesco Bonavita, Salvatore Tafaro (National Fire Brigade), “Fire safety in Seveso III existing installations: moving from the” Safety Report “Towards the” Fire Certificate “” (see abstract);
  • Luca Fiorentini, Giovanni Pinetti, Rosario Sicari, Marta Farinella (TECSA Srl), Luca Marmo (Polytechnic University of Turin), “” Offshore Directive “on Major Accidents: a barrier based safety management system built on shared ontologies and taxonomies. “(see abstract);
  • Luca Fiorentini (TECSA S.r.l.), Luca Marmo, Enrico Danzi, Giacomo Bergamo (Polytechnic University of Turin), “Development and Application of Fire” and “Explosion risk index methods to
    chemical process plants “(see abstract).

A list of the publications (papers, articles, monographs and volumes) edited by TECSA S.r.l. is shown on the appropriate page of the site.