TECSA at SAFAP2018: Safety and Reliability of Pressure Equipment

As part of the conference organized by INAIL “Safap 2018: safety and reliability of pressure equipment” held in Bologna at the CNR Congress Center Research Area on 28th and 29th November 2018, Eng. Pasquale Fanelli of MFCforensic gave the speech entitled “The safety management system and the use of root cause analysis applied to an incidental event”, prepared together with A. Busseni and L. Baldioli from HydroChem Italia.

The conference is organized by the “Dipartimento innovazioni tecnologiche e sicurezza degli impiantiprodotti e insediamenti antropici (Dit)” of INAIL. The event, proposed every two years starting from 2004, is the most important national technical-scientific comparison in the sector and, as such, particularly awaited. The presentation of the results of research and new studies, conducted mainly by the Institute on the safety issues of pressure equipment, and the related experiences gained in the practice of prevention in places of life and work, in fact, arouse an extraordinary interest and an understandable attraction for public and private subjects involved in various capacities.

In his speech, Eng. Fanelli analyzed an accident that caused the loss of primary containment of a toxic substance, identifying its immediate causes and, through a structured approach such as Root Cause Analysis, the root causes of the event. In this way the organization put in place the high-level corrective actions to avoid the reoccurrence of similar events, pursuing the paradigm of the continuous improvement of the safety management system adopted.

Other case studies are available in the book “Principles of Forensic Engineering applied to Industrial Accidents” by L. Fiorentini and L. Marmo, ed. Wiley.