TECSA in the Technical Commission SFPE Research, Tools and Methods (RTM)

Luca Fiorentini of TECSA S.r.l. enters, starting from January 2016 with the approval of the Board of Directors, in the prestigious technical commission RTM (Research, Tools and Methods), coordinated by Prof. Brian Meacham, Ph.D .. This international technical commission deals, through its sub-commissions , the development of new standards and guidelines on fire engineering and performance fire engineering, the development of future editions of the “SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering” which internationally today represents the largest and most authoritative compendium on the subject, Research – Development and Innovation coordinated by SFPE, international coordination of the technical content of its standards and its publications within national and supranational standards and regulations. Luca Fiorentini will join the new position in the activities already in place for some years within the association as a member of the editorial board of the scientific journal “Fire protection Engineering Magazine”.