TECSA provided 4-days training for an important chemical company

TECSA S.r.l. has recently completed a series of training sessions, for a total of 4 days, in the field of industrial safety at the site of a major chemical company operating in the fine chemicals sector with special-type productions.

Since the site in question is subject to the application of the Seveso directive (Legislative Decree 105/2015),  the relative legislation and the requirements for the basis of the implementation of the safety management system for the prevention of major accidents have been shown. The following topics have been deeply discussed: risk analysis, management of change, operational control and emergency response planning. The aspects dealt with were developed by the teachers using the company’s own material (Safety Report, SGS, Hazop, Emergency Plan, etc.) supplemented by real cases deriving from the teachers’ own experience.

Various teachers took turns in the training days in order to ensure, each for their own specialization, a high degree of deepening of the various issues. Luca Fiorentini, Giovanni Pinetti, Pasquale Fanelli and Luca Marmo are mentioned.

Among the topics that have been most treated, it is possible to mention the HAZOP, the Bow-Tie, the management of plant modifications (from the proposed modification to the updating of the documentation), the fugitive reactions and the quantitative risk analysis. With regard to this last topic, the principles underlying the risk analysis as per Annex C of Legislative Decree 105/2015 were illustrated, including the most commonly used methodologies such as fault trees (FTAs) and event trees ( ETA) as well as more innovative methodologies such as the Bow-Tie for the identification of critical elements for safety purposes (SECE) and subsequent definition of the associated performance standards.

Through a specific Academy division TECSA develops training programs for companies, in parallel to “catalog” initiatives conducted also through specialized training companies often on the sidelines of other initiatives such as seminars, conferences, fairs, in the field of: industrial risk, prevention of major accidents, performance fire engineering, Hazop, SMS, investigation of near-miss investigation and incident events, root cause analysis, etc.