TECSA S.r.l. sigla una importante partnership con CGE Risk B.V. (NL)

TECSA srl signed in June 2017 an important partnership for the Italian market with the Dutch company CGE Risk B.V. international leader in risk analysis methodologies based on the identification and enhancement of protection barriers and software tools for risk analysis and analysis of accidents, near accidents, accidents and anomalies. TECSA Srl, as VAR (Value Added Reseller) can not only offer the most used software tools at international level (BowTieXP, AuditXP, Lopa, BowTie Sever, IncidentXP) in our country but can also directly conduct consulting, training with instructors CGE Risk BV certificates, support to the implementation of programs and management systems based on these advanced and modern techniques of analysis, investigations (also through the specific division of forensic engineering, MFCforensic, which deals with analysis with structured techniques of incidental episodes actually occurred ), also described in the book “Principles of forensic engineering applied to industrial accidents” published by Wiley and prepared by Luca Fiorentini and Luca Marmo (see on Google Books).

Available on the CGE Risk B.V. website a specific page for TECSA S.r.l. which will contain in time the precise indication of all the events organized in Italy (seminars, training events, webinars, etc.).

TECSA S.r.l. they use technical and structured investigation techniques both in the context of risk analysis (Bow-Tie and LOPA) and in the reconstruction of incidental events.

It should be noted that TECSA S.r.l. records the use of these techniques also in the fire risk analysis associated with large infrastructures (ports and railway stations in particular), as well as in the maritime, oil / gas, energy sectors, etc. The Bow-Tie method fire analysis has recently prepared a publication in the Antincendio journal (see related news) signed by L. Fiorentini, F. Breveglieri and P. Heimplaetzer which summarizes some fundamental lines of the approach followed in area of ​​fire prevention activities that TECSA Srl is conducting on some of the major Italian railway stations together with the partner company Royal Haskoning DHV (NL). Extremely peculiar infrastructural realities, with very high passenger traffic, for which a specific specialized technical seminar dedicated to all station managers was conducted in May (see related news).

Two courses on the above topics will be held by TECSA S.r.l. (and in particular by the Executive Director Luca Fiorentini) within the SafetyExpo organized by the company EPC S.r.l. next September 2017 (see event website). The courses will be entitled:

  • “Identificazione e valutazione del rischio di incendio: l’analisi delle barriere di protezione quale strumento di indagine e di gestione del rischio nel tempo” (2 h, CFP);
  • “La strategia antincendio: definizione di una corretta strategia complessiva antincendio a partire dalla valutazione del rischio di incendio” (2 h, CFP)

During the same event, an intervention in conference mode will also be held in the plenary hall (600 seats) regarding the use of the Bow-Tie method in fire prevention planning and substantial fire safety for complex situations. This 15:30 to 17:30 intervention will take place in Sala Artemisia on Wednesday 20 September and will be introduced by the Prefect Fabio Carapezza Guttuso.

Below is the list of TECSA publications relating to the use of the Bow-Tie technique to support the analysis and management of fire risk over time:

Luca Fiorentini, Fabio Breveglieri (TECSA Srl) Paul Heimplaetzer (Royal Haskoning DHV – NL), Salvatore Tafaro (National Fire Department), “Complex infrastructures for public transport: a fire safety strategy”, Fire Protection Magazine, Issue 4 April 2017, EPC Srl, Rome, see front page.
Luca Fiorentini (TECSA S.r.l.), “The fire prevention strategy over time. The fire safety management system (GSA)”, Environment and Safety Magazine, Number 8 August 2017, EPC S.r.l., Rome, see front page.